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To see some cool IBM i image management "in the wild" you can check out this short YouTube video I created today that shows how to create your own IBM i virtual LPAR from the browser using the Virtual Loaner program. Did I mention it only took me 3 minutes! Note that this program is


I look forward to seeing how hosting companies make use of this technology in the near future to lessen the cost of renting an IBM i in the cloud.

Keep up the good work on this, IBM!!

I forgot to finish an important sentence in my last post...

The VIrtual Loaner Program is FREE to use!

This has benefited me a number of times in the past 5 years. Great for testing new features (i.e. Open Access for RPG).

We are in the process of leveraging this concept for a client against their Dev/Test/Integration/QA environment. IBM Power7 750, i, v7000 - I'll be posting updates as we pull it together.

this is good news.

is this require and update in VIOS and PowerWM?

Im moving to a Dev/Test/Int/Production with VIOS, and no tapes.

Im solving for now the "system save to tape" doing a system save into a virtual optical allocated in the SAN. So Image Management for IBM i is a great solution for system save.

Looking forward to test.

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