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Always good to hear things are becoming more integrated!

I am navigating through the PureSystems link and am trying to determine what is being accomplished with "PureApplication Systems". There aren't any technologies mentioned (i.e. programming languages, application servers, web servers, data bases, development tools, etc).

Where can I get more in-depth info that gets to the nitty gritty for an RPG, PHP or Java shop running on IBM i? Or is that not the point of PureSystems?

Is "PureSystem Flex" a new operating system? That was one thought I had based on browsing the PureSystems Centre:


IBM's Dave Mitchell introduced IBM's PureApplication family yesterday in a webcast to ISVs, and indicated that we could package our applications as appliances and make them available through SmartCloud. That PureSystems would be a public cloud offering through SmartCloud.

Will IBM i be included in SmartCloud so we can do that?

The requirements of Cloud Computing are:
-) one version of the program for all the users connected.
-) AnyDevice which mean native Web interfaces.
Tuning SAP is great, however I see no change for IBM i developers in this announcement.

Can PureSystems take all the responsibly of maintaining all of my web pages and online web applications/queries so I don't have to worry about security, hackers, digital certificates, and all the other headaches when you expose your backend system (AS/400) to the world wide web? This is my biggest problem when trying to cross over into modernization when we have limited resources and developer know-how.

I don't think, that the PureSystems are new operating systems. IMHO these systems would be an alternative (replacement?) to the blade centers, provided with a new systems management for a rapid distribution and configuration. This means, application deployment can be embedded in the whole installation process by patterns. But the actual application development will not change. This is my understanding of these new systems, correct me, if I'm wrong.

As I understand, PureSystem is mainly an Expert System and not a new OS.
The advantage of an Expert System is the constant quality delivered for standard jobs.
IBM can succeed only with a proprietary computer.
I mean, an Expert System can operate only if the server is predictable.
The goal of an Expert System is to simulate an Expert.
For instance, if you have to reboot a server twice a day, the only one thing an Expert System can do is an articulate finger outside to reboot automatically when a serious problem occurs. So, an Expert System seems to be great if the new clients want to migrate from those servers to PureSystem.
The only one modern and integrated “OS” I see is IBM i, which is natively multi-tenant/multi-users for REAL Cloud Computing business applications… if only.
The only business language IBM has now is RPG.

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