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as well as a Technology Preview of a new member of the IBM i Access products, which removes the dependence on preinstalled code.


What is the URL for this i Access tech preview?

Great information in this article, thanks for posting.


The i Access tech preview is scheduled to start on July 2nd. If you care to participate, watch this page for details.

so basically the best part of TR4 isn't even usable by most people like me running POWER6 hardware correct? also do the DB2 for i enhancements(any of them) require POWER7 hardware (i kinda doubt that since it seems very much like software requirements only)

@Tommy, Remember that in MANY cases new announcements do in fact come into play for a small subset of customers. LPAR originally required a full processor per partition and there were very few (as a percentage of customers) who had enough processors to allocate them in full processor increments, or even HAD more than one! Today even the very smallest machine available can do LPAR.

Similarly when support was announced for IBM i to host another IBM i partition it came with a requirement for POWER6 hardware. Again this was something comparably few had at the time of announcement. This also applied to virtual media installs.

Today the requirements for Live Partition Mobility seem steep but given a bit of time those requirements will be mainstream in many shops.

If this technology is useful in your shop, begin planning soon!

- Larry

Live Partition Mobility is a welcome addition. My organization will certainly take advantage of it on our 9117-MMB.

When, if ever, will IBM i support Active Memory Expansion (AME)? I believe this PowerVM feature is currently supported only for AIX.

Thanks for the comments and questions folks. Let me get to the outstanding questions:

1) Max, Scott gave you the link you were looking for. (Thanks, Scott.)

2) Tommy, yes, LPM requires P6. As Larry mentions, when a new capability comes out, we often have to limit its availability to some subset of the newest systems, etc. (Thanks, Larry.) That was the case with mobility.

3) Tommy, the DB2 enhancements do not have a hardware platform dependency. To find out the full capabilities, and the releases on which new functions are supported, start at the DB2 Enhancements page on dW:

4) Brian - Active Memory Expansion is not likely to be applied to IBM i. The "expansion" mentioned in its name is (technically) a cooperative compression algorithm which works well for the way some operating systems manage memory (in some workloads), but which does not really help the Single Level Store algorithms used by IBM i.

We definitely analyzed its design against our memory usage. There are specific application workloads for AIX which benefit with AME, but those same workloads did not benefit from AME applied to IBM i. And, for completeness sake, let me restate that AME is not a beneficial tradeoff for ALL AIX workloads.

"Tradeoff?" Yes, because you are essentially trading processor cycles for the ability to fit more data into memory than would fit without the AME algorithms. Not all workloads have data which is helped by this. And, as it happens, workloads on IBM i do not, because of the way IBM i manages memory.

We do continue to analyze ways to make IBM i better, faster and stronger. In the future, if we find that AME could provide a significant benefit, we will invest in it.

The problem with Technology Refreshes is, they are being distributed (pushed out) as PTFs, and the InfoCenter for IBM i 7.1 is not getting updated with any information about all the (major) changes implemented via TRs.

For example, I cannot currently find ANY information about "Live Partition Mobility" in the V7R1 InfoCenter.

I think this is a major oversight on the part of IBM, when choosing to use PTFs to distribute "Technology Refreshes".

These should have been distributed as a whole new minor version release level, e.g. V7R1M1, V7R1M2, etc. (aka. IBM i 7.1.1, 7.1.2, etc.)

Mark, thanks for the comment. To find information about the Technology Refreshes, and related updates, the communication vehicle is developerWorks. The dW site has information about Live Partition Mobility and much more. The link to the IBM i information in dW is: and the information about LPM in particular is . This week's "You and i" talks about our Information Strategy:

The IBM i 7.1 Information Center has been updated with links to the dW site, as well as to this blog and several other information sources.

The Information Center gets updates periodically, but for TRs and other between-release capabilities, developerWorks is the best place to find specific information.

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