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Great blog topic, Steve. Thanks for the peek behind the curtain, so to speak.

Steve, one of the things I've been looking at for ISV's is the ability to include a "Bindable" attribute in *MODULE and *SRVPGM objects (*SRVPGM's specifically). That way I can ship a Developer Edition to licensed customers and a "free" runtime to anyone. With the BINDABLE(*NO) setting, I don't have to worry about the non-licensed folks connecting/using my product in development, but the ISV's who have paid for the Developer Edition can.

Evelyn -- I'm glad you like the topic. We spend quite a bit of time preparing for and conducting these strategy sessions. I hoped people would enjoy seeing some of the "how" behind what we do.

Bob -- I will take the request you suggest and throw it into the hopper with the others we've received related to ISVs. It sounds familiar, so perhaps there is something like it already in our list.

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