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This is indeed great reading and to everyone in the i world you are right, we already know it. Fortunately I'm with a company now where leaving the platform is not a concern but for the last 10 years at 3 LUG meetings a year I heard many discussions where this information was not available to executives at companies that were among the largest users of the platform. At the risk of repeating myself, there is a disconnect somewhere between IBM and the non-i world because this information is not EASILY and READILY available or the discussions and conversations I was involved in would not have happened. Again, don't leave it up to us alone to convince executives who are being bombarded with information from the other side.

IBM should be number one with a computer like that!

I series is a very good platform, Super stability, performance is great, we have I-series has more than 10 years, recent leadership intends to leave the platform, with other platforms. Leave the platform because, he too few users, worried about the future of services, it is difficult to find the right people, the rising cost.

I joined IBM i world recently and they are both positive and negative minds. Negative minds are highlighting the platform's sustainability and positive minds are highlighting the platform's reliability.

Thank you Steve. IBM i is is truly a red wood among the server forest.

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