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Believe it or not, Steve, but I develop applications online for 25 years. I don’t know how to develop applications offline! Our RPG programs are multi-tenant, multi-users, which means there is one version of each program, the last one, for all the users dynamically connected at the same time. The users open a session dynamically and close a session the same way. Multi-tenancy, programs and database included, is the condition of Cloud. With mono-tenancy there is one version of a program per user, and finally you get not more from Microsoft than Service Bureau. Regarding the huge potentialities of this platform, I think that your IBM i customers deserve a new 5250 desktop like GoogleBook! The architecture of IBM i is already cloudy, which is much more than a simple integration. To celebrate the 25 anniversary of IBM i, I am opening a session on the net with a profile and a password, a virtual computer… only Google Apps is able to do that! This is amazing and makes me happy.

My favorite word that begins with i - Integration. To me, that has always been the key factor in the 25 year evolution from AS/400 to IBM i.

Steve - Amen! Love the vignette, too. Thanks.

Right. I remember Aaron Barthel saying something like: "don't forget that the customers have chosen AS/400 for three reasons: first integration, second integration, third integration." Integration was all.

Hi Steve and all,
This is an incredible celebration of an amazingly successful and unique platform delivered for professionals by professionals.
It has been a privilege to have been associated with this platform since the s/38 days and share the comraderie of the s/38, AS/400, iSeries and now IBM i user community.
Congratulations IBM on having the business ethics and substance to look behind to allow us to celebrate past success as opposed to only looking forward to the next sale (which is understandably important as well). But then maybe there is a reason why IBM continues to be the most successful business computing company on the planet. Thank you from the land down under ...

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