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Nice. So true. A customer sees a green screen and perceives IBM i as an old system. What they actually see is old software, but still running fine after all those years. I don't blame the customer. But they have been spoiled all those years...

What most don't realize is that the "Old Systems" have all the robust features, and have a limited number of bugs when compared to a "Newer System". As a customer I would opt for the "Older system every time with a nice UI, rather than a "Newer System". I however, was in college when they still taught Cobol, and RPG, as opposed to the newer IT college grads that know nothing of the IBM i.

Believe it or not, I open a session dynamically like Google. I am working online for more than 30 years with a system reliable like a mainframe. This system shares the database and programs with all the users dynamically connected online at the same time. Yes, we are multitenant database and programs which is the main condition of cloud computing. Believe it or not, our business language has no native Open Web interface and we still have to deal with a native DSPF only! The best of the best for the Cloud business applications to come with the worst presentation layer! Is that a nightmare?

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