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I think Profound has done miracles with the very few IBM gave us regarding new technologies. We still have a native DSPF. Profound is fully using the only native web function: the DSPF keyword HTML. I have tried to put a logo with the HTML keyword and it’s not easy because you only have 36 characters per line available. Profound has done a fantastic job to modernize legacy applications but I think that the problem is new Web applications. For that, an open XML interface, an integrated IDE and a designer would be necessary for native business web applications which are multitenant nowadays. In fact, I think that our platform gets less and less new applications and IBM less and less big data because new applications are leading the market. However, thanks Profound for the fantastic job they have already done with just the only one IBM DSPF Web keyword available: HTML(…)to modernize legacy applications. I am on my knees.

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