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Hi Steve,
If you think about it, on IBM I since AS/400 and S/38 :
-) Users open virtual sessions online.
-) Data and programs are shared by users dynamically connected at the same time.
-) On Linux/Windows everything is a file. If you add .exe extension to a file and you double click on it, this stupid OS will try to execute it. This is the origin of all the existing viruses . One day the Cloud will die because of security problems on those "patch and pray" OS of the past. On IBM I it is impossible to insert a virus into a file because a file is an object *file and a program another object *pgm.
I remember that Pascal Polverini who is working for LookSoftware suggested replacing our DSPF with an OPEN XML file in order to separate the presentation layer. We also need a specific IDE and an integrated designer for the web. IBM should be number one with a platform like IBM i because the market is asking for a system Cloud oriented. Specific developments on i would mean sustainability for the existing customers. Just thoughts.

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